An Intro To HetrixTools

Keeping track of your websites, servers, services or IP blacklists is an important part of online business, but not to worry. Today we’re showcasing HetrixTools. HetrixTools provides monitoring services for all of your services and is jam packed with amazing features for you to try.

Uptime Monitoring:

HetrixTools allows multiple types of service monitoring, including keyword checking, ping checking and software monitoring. It’s easy enough to set up, just insert the URL or IP address into your monitors panel and select the type of monitor that you want to use. However, you may need to monitor a port or adjust your firewall settings for ping related monitors.

Have multiple monitors for one group of services? Use the bulk report feature to group uptime monitors. Along with their whitelabel solution, you can create your very own public status page under your own domain. Check our own status page running under HetrixTools here.

You can also track your server using HetrixTools Server Monitoring Agent which shows:

Blacklist Monitoring:

The HetrixTools system checks your IP against blacklist registries and updates your results within your plans time period. With the HetrixTools Free Blacklist Monitoring Plan, you can monitor up to 32 IP addresses and keep a 15 day history. Have an entire block? No problem, you can group your monitored IPs into their own subnet.

What’s great about the HetrixTools blacklist monitoring service, which uses 163 blacklist registries is that you can view all of your blacklists in one easy page with links to contact the registries for removal. Or can simply click the “ignore” button for certain blacklists.

Contact Notifications:

If your uptime rate changes or your IP blacklist changes you will receive an instant notification to your configured contact destination(s). With HetrixTools, you can set notifications to the following destinations:

  • Email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, Discord, HipChatPagerDuty, Telegram, and Webhooks.

View Uptime Report Pricing Here | View Blacklist Report Pricing Here

Learn More At The HetrixTools Website